Twinflower uses organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with herbs to provide products that promote healing and feel great on your skin!

Salves Available

Sacred Skin Cream

Bug Bite Balm

Balm of Gilead

Muscle and Joint Relief

We make our extracts by infusing fresh and dried herbs into grain alcohol to be taken orally.  Extracts are convenient and preserve the freshness and potency of herbs.

Extracts Available

Cooling Goddess Blend

Boreal Bitters

Yellow Dock


Rest and Restore



Willow Bark


Twinflower harvests, dries and blends herbs from the boreal forest that will work naturally with your body to help you heal and promote overall wellness.

Cold Care

Herbal Tea


Honey from Twinflower hives combined with herbal infusions and tinctures are sure to help calm your cough!

Steam Blend

A potent blend of boreal aromatics, perfect for a cleansing steam inhalation, bath or sauna.

Immune Tonic


We have a variety of dried herbs, oils and tinctures that are not blended or not available currently in our shop.  If there is a product you'd like to have, send us a message.  We can make and adjust blends or plan future harvests so that you can have exactly what you need to be healthy!

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