A must-have in your home apothecary or first-aid kit, this wildcrafted salve mixes powerful boreal herbs that are used to stave off infection, decrease pain and inflammation, and promote regrowth of damaged tissue.  The herbs in this salve are wormwood, Labrador Tea, chickweed, and spruce tips.


Apply regularly on cuts, scrapes and wounds.


Note from Sarah: I discovered the primary plant in this blend, wormwood, also known as stinkweed, a couple years ago in a medicine-making class with an Alaskan Native salve maker (the herb is widely known and used by Alaska Native elders). I was also doing field work that summer in areas saturated with no-see-ums (tiny black flies.)  One day, I came home with over 20 bites just on my neck, each one quickly turning into a red, itchy welt. For me, these bites typically cause at least a week of itching, bleeding, scabbing and itching some more. I applied the wormwood salve a couple times each day, and to my surprise, found that not only did it help with the itching, but my bites were completely gone (not even a trace) in just two days.  


Since then, I have continued to use the salve and share it with many friends to help heal a variety of cuts, wounds and burns. It no longer surprises me when I hear reports from friends of rapid healing and decreased pain after using a wormwood salve. I hope you, too, can reap the benefits of this powerful plant!


This product not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Skin Shield~ for cuts scrapes and wounds

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