Willow Bark is sometimes called "nature's aspirin" because it contiains a natural chemical, salicin, which ultimately led to the discovery and sythesizing of aspirin, and willow naturally has many of the same health benefits.


Willow bark may be the most well-known herb for pain relief! Like aspirin, willow bark is analgesic (pain relieiving) and anti-inflammatory.  It's a go-to herb for headaches, body aches and pains, menstrual cramps, sciatic nerve pain, tendonitis, back pain, etc...  Unlike aspirin, willow does not have the negative side effects in the stomach and GI tract and is very safe.


Willow is also antiseptic and can be used on wounds.  You could make a compress with water and willow bark tincture and apply it to cuts, scrapes, and stings to promote healing and avoid infection.


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Willow Bark ~ for pain and inflammation