Rest and Restore is an alcohol extract blend of motherwort and valerian. The quiet and soothing nature of these herbs help calm your nerves. This blend may make you sleepy and could be used before bed.


Motherwort has been used for a variety of issues around stress and tension, including high blood pressure (check with your physician if you already use heart medications.)  She is a gentle herb that promotes emotional well-being. Valerian has long been used for nervous tension and sleep disorders. For some, it may act as a mild sedative, helping bring sleep to the restless.  For others, it may just have a relaxing effect. We hope this blend will help restore balance and a sense of calm for those with stress, anxiety or nervious tension.


Tinctures may be taken as is or mixed into water or another drink for a more enjoyable experience.


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Rest and Restore~ for calm nerves and deep sleep