Motherwort is one of our favorite herbs and one of the most magical plants we have at Twinflower Farm!


This herb is a calming nervine, helping to soothe and settle intense emotions.  In addition, motherwort is a gentle ally, helping folks to work and move through deep and challenging emotions.  This herb will help you feel more clear, calm, and collected, being able to acknowledge your strong feelings and move through them.


Motherwort is an incredible ally to women on their menstrual cycle.  She is a uterine tonic and can help immensely with physical and emotional symptoms of PMS as well as with amenorrhea.


This herb is not only an ally to the heart on an emotional level, but it is literally a heart tonic.  Motherwort can help steady the heart and reduce rapid pulse and hypertension.


Additionally, motherwort is a mild bitter and can be taken before meals to aid digestion, support the livier, and increase nutrient absorption.


We can't speak highly enough about this amazing herb; she really does it all!


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