Crampbark is an alcohol extract (tincture) of the bark and inner bark of highbush cranberry.  Per the name, crampbark is an antispasmodic and nervine, and is tradionally used to release muscle cramps and spasms.

Crampbark is often used by women who experience acute uterine cramps and PMS as well as pain from endometriosis.  It can also be used by athletes and others who experience leg and other muscle cramping, and crampbark is a common aid to alleviate muscle tension or spasms across the body, including back spasms and sciatic nerve pain. 


This powerful herb can also help with internal smooth muscle cramps, such as intestinal, bladdar, or stomach cramps.  Crampbark is even taken for a cough where the individual is experiences spasmodic coughing.


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Crampbark ~ for cramps and muscle spasms