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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

We are twin sisters living in Fairbanks, Alaska. We are adventurers and bustling projecters who are in love with all things plants, wild harvesting and Alaska. Over the years we’ve lived here, we’ve grown to deeply respect the forest and trust in its ability to heal and keep us healthy, mind and body .

Our roots are on the east coast, but life worked its magic and delivered us to the far north. We, like many others, accidentally landed in Alaska only to have this land capture our hearts and not let go.

I (Sarah) picked up a summer job working on a local farm in Fairbanks in the summer of 2011. I quickly fell in love with the people of Fairbanks and the boreal forest and within a year had decided that Alaska was home. I learned the ins and outs of cultivating food in the far north, and, armed with the Boreal Herbal by Beverley Gray, I began wild harvesting plants for food and medicine. Since then, I’ve continued to study and practice making medicines and deepening my understanding of natural medicines as well as the role of food in healing and maintaining health.

Liz, too, was discovering her love of plants in El Paso, Texas, where she maintained an urban garden alongside migrants, refugees, housemates, and volunteers. She moved up to Fairbanks a couple years later and started putting down roots working for a local farm. Liz quickly expanded her understanding of northern plants and fungi on and off cultivated lands, including enrolling in herbalism classes and taking Ethnobotany classes through the University of Fairbanks. Since then she hasn't stopped learning the myriad of ways local plants have traditionally been used as food and medicine and sharing that with others. Liz often says that her spirit lives in the boreal forest, where this beautiful, harsh climate lends itself to powerful, healing plants and a sanctuary to settle the mind.

Naturally healthy, foraged or cultivated foods and medicines are our passion. We spend each summer and fall harvesting, drying, fermenting, tincturing and infusing, working on new recipes and stockpiling our home apothecary.

We have always loved sharing our projects with our friends, and we decided to start Twinflower as a way to share our passion with the greater community. We hope that through our products and popular education, we can contribute to a healthier, more resilient community that understands and appreciates the importance of our relationship with the land and each other.

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